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Roof windows

SkyLight Premium roof windows are a new development on the roof window market, the quality of which is supported by the experience and dynamic growth of one of the biggest PVC window and door companies in Poland. Dobroplast roof windows can be mounted in any conditions, being especially suitable for rooms of increased humidity.

They do not require maintenance and are easy to use. They are characterized by good thermal and sound insulation parameters as well as air-tightness.

  • made of dirt- and age-resistant PVC, further strengthened with galvanized steel in order to increase the window’s stability and the ease of mounting fittings
  • cladding coated with polyester paint finish through, applied through metallurgy
  • a handle in the lower part of the sash enabling opening in the ventilation position
  • mounting on a roof with an roof pitch of 15 to even 70 degrees
  • the ability to adjust the sash’s position inside the frame
  • full sash opening blocked by a brake
  • perfect air-tightness enabled by a three-gasket system
  • the system is characterized by highest longevity and low maintenance requirements
  • a 4-gasket system resistant to UV radiation and temperature changes
  • the window’s thermal transmittance is Uw =1,4 [W/m2K].

The Skylight window is available with two types of flashing:

F – a flashing for tile roofing (e.g. ceramic roof tiles, metal tiles),
P – a flashing for flat roofs (e.g. roofing shingles)
M – modular, MP – modular for flat roofs, MF – modular for tile roofing*

* the flashings enable mounting windows next to each other and/or on one another

Sealing flashings

Sealing flashings are an integral part of a roof window correctly mounted in the roofing. They secure and seal them against weather conditions, ensuring rain- and post-snow water removal as well as provide protection against wind. The flashings are made of aluminium plate, just as the window cladding in RAL colours – standard 8019 and non-standard 7043.

A relevant advantage of the Skylight roof window sealing flashings is the innovative way in which they are connected with the frame. Thanks to placing the flashing’s upper rim in a special groove in the frame and covering the fitting with a gasket, we eliminate the risk of any kind of water leakage, especially one caused by melting snow.


Flashings for tile roofing enable placing the window inside a profiled roof surface. Thanks to an elastic component, the lower flashing unit (1), it is possible to thoroughly seal the flashing and to transfer water from the flashing onto the roof’s surface. The numbers of flashing components correspond to the assembly sequence.


The P flashing allows for an air-tight fitting of the window inside roofings such as cardboard roofing or roofing shingles. The flashing’s lower unit does not include an elastic component.


Modular flashings enable fitting windows into groups: – mounted horizontally and/or vertically. In the case of joined windows, it is necessary to state, before placing the order, the rafters’ width between the particular windows so that the windows can be optimally arranged within the roof trusses.