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Garage doors

Our offer also includes garage doors that will meet the most recent market needs. Making use of the state-of-the-art technological developments and highest quality material, we sell garage doors that combine very significant characteristics: a timeless appearance, quality and attractive pricing. We hope that you will find the most economical, suitable solutions from our wide range of products and, as a result, will increase the number of our satisfied clients. A high quality steel sheet ensures an elegant and unique look.

In combination with the door, it constitutes a harmonious duo.

The simplicity of combining regular doors with garage doors.

The perfect combination of doors and garage doors through applying INOX:

  • a uniform colouring
  • modern looks
  • individualized arrangement

The garage doors can finally colouristically match the rest of the wood joinery. The garage door is no longer a separate element of the house. Horizontal embossing gives the garage door an impression of optical lightness. Sectional doors perfectly visually fit classic and modern architecture.