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Aluminium sliding system

These are sliding systems. The window frames are made of aluminium profiles that allow for applying various types of window panes. The windows slide both sides and due to using specially designed bearings, the movement is extremely smooth and easy to perform. Special-purpose door closers ensure that none of the windows will open on its own through exposure to wind or by unauthorized persons outside. It is also an additional safety precaution in the case when the balcony is being used by children. Balcony frame enclosures are a system of good rain- and wind insulating properties but not deprived of the possibility to properly ventilate the balcony. Sliding aluminium balcony enclosures are systems that are very popular among our clients due to, among others, their aesthetic and ease of use qualities.

A sliding system is a modern construction of expendable walls and windows that are characterized by a simple structure and and easy and clean assembly. It found a wide use in the construction of individually owned units as it enables the building of enclosures for, e.g., winter gardens, roofed terraces and balcony, owing to which we gain additional rooms.

Specially designed aluminium profiles for this system enable applying a glazing unit which significantly increases the enclosures standard. High quality aluminium and the high quality of other system components guarantees a many-year-long stability without the need for special maintenance and repainting

The owners of terraces in detached houses as well as inhabitants of multi-family housings can easily and effectively take out and clean separate windows from the sliding system.