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Mounting air nozzles

VENTAIR II TRDn air nozzles

The automatics used in VENTAIR II TRDn nozzles (reacting to pressure differences) implements the concept of controlled ventilation – that allows for a proper microclimate within rooms with a minimal use of thermal energy. The automatic air nozzle constitutes an element of the ventilation system ensuring a proper inflow of fresh air into rooms. It is intended for use in rooms equipped with natural gravitational or  mechanical exhaust ventilation. The air nozzle has a self-acting flow regulator (reacting to pressure differences), thanks to which the amount of air flowing in is consistent and unaffected by weather conditions (wind or cold). There is additionally the possibility of manually regulating the amount of air flow, including a shut-off.

Humidity-sensitive Aereco air nozzle

The new aesthetic-looking EXR air nozzle is intended for mounting in PVC, wooden and aluminium windows as well as in external roller blinds. An insert made of sound absorption foam effectively suppresses noises even up to 42 dB(A) (depending on the equipment standard). The first Aeroco air nozzle on offer provides the option to manually close and fully open the air nozzle thus supporting the EXR humidity-sensitive function. Available in multiple airflow- and sound absorption variants, comes in 4 standard colours.